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When planning for your event, Jack will-

-Understand your organization's mission. He will custom tailor each keynote to address your vision. By teaching your team to simply reduce their mistakes, Jack will ensure your team has the tools to repeat their successes and not repeat their failures.

- Conduct pre-event briefings (phone/video calls) to ensure his content is exactly what you're targeting.

- Provide promotional materials, speaker biography, photos, A/V requirements, and anything else you desire to make your event a Flight Level Solutions!

Following your event, Jack will-

-Happily conduct a Q and A session.

-Stay at the event as long as you'd like in order to take pictures, answer follow-up questions, etc.

-Always be accessible via phone/email to further address techniques of implementing the Flight Level Solutions!

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Remember, Jack's ultimate goal is for your team to repeat their successes and not repeat their failures! Let's do this!!

For high energy in-person and virtual keynotes visit 

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